Friday, March 27, 2020

Adventures of Mo and Jo and Other Short Stories by Sheridan Jones

One day Mo and Jo were up in the attic right after their mother told them not to go up there. They found their mother's old dress-ups. They put them on and went outside. They knew their mother would kill them, especially because it was muddy and snowy.

After a while of playing they saw their mother with a knife. She chased after them and caught them because they were slow and she slit their throats and ate them for supper and lunch.

The end.

One day as a lady was walking past a jelly bean shop she went into labor and gave birth to a baby. It was snowing outside so to keep the baby warm she stuffed the baby in her jacket and walked home just like that.

One day a little boy and his grandpa went camping. That night when the grandpa was asleep the little boy took the grandpa's tobacco! He had so much of it that he got very very sick and passed on.

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