Monday, November 4, 2019

Review: Hello, Crow! by Candace Savage and Chelsea O'Byrne


Franny has a new friend—a crow who brings her presents in its beak. Like a red button! And a silver heart! Franny’s dad doesn’t believe her. He says crows and kids can’t be friends. But Franny knows better. How will Franny prove her new playmate is real? And what will the crafty crow bring next?

Kids will get a chuckle out of Franny's absent-mindedness (shown in the illustrations even more than in the text), and adults may recognize a young dreamer in their life. The story line is a bit formulaic, but younger readers and animal lovers won't care, and will find the ending quite satisfying. Illustrations match Franny perfectly - a little bit messy and scattered at first glance, yet oh so interesting when you look more closely. An afterward gives a little more information about identifying and befriending crows. Gift this one to the budding naturalist or misunderstood dreamer in your life!

Gifting Idea: Pair with an age-appropriate book about birding, or a shadow box to hold some tiny treasures like this adjustable one from Amazon:

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