Thursday, November 14, 2019

Jones Kids on the Loose - 2019 Edition - Day 3

Saturday was when the fun really began! The Silver Spur Resort has a couple ponds with turtles, fish and teeny tiny frogs to check out.

We had to run to Walmart there because Christopher had outgrown the shirts I packed for him JUST LAST WEEK. Sheridan had some spending money and decided to get a baby carrier for Judith (since mean Mommy didn't let her bring the car seat).

A friend had recommended the Dairy Barn for lunch. There were two trucks with baby goats outside, so we almost didn't make it past the parking lot. These helped move them along:

Then we went to a local park for a bit. 

Oh my goodness. I will give Alamogordo locals a moment to wipe away a tear.

This looks JUST like a park we had here, which burned down a little over a year ago, and has since been replaced with generic playground equipment :(

Where's Logan now? Oh! Off by himself, as usual...

Needless to say, the kids referred to it as "Kids' Kingdom" throughout the rest of the weekend.

Back at the resort we explored the garden, and found a painted rock!

"Stache Rocks" on the back.

We left it for others to find, but I will look up their Facebook page shortly.

Cousin Jaxon, who grows six inches every time I see him.

Logan wanted to know, "Can we live here???"

Sheridan and Abigail really hit it off! We hadn't seen her since she was barely walking. She definitely got that walking/running thing down since then!

Time to get spiffed up!

And look at cool spiders.

Abi found a rock, too!

Getting closer to time...palling around with cousin Lily...

Shane, of course, understood the solemnity of the event.

And then they were married! And I am not posting any pictures until the bride does. But it was beautiful and perfect and the weather could not have cooperated more.

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