Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Review: Duck! by Meg McKinlay and Nathaniel Eckstrom


When Duck runs around the farm shouting “DUCK!” to the other animals, they grow exasperated as they haughtily explain to Duck which animal is which. Unfortunately, something is falling from the sky. But perhaps “DUCK!” isn’t the best warning. Perhaps what Duck should have said is . . . “RUN!”

Now, what young child cannot identify with the frustration of having something important to say, but nobody will listen? A great counterpoint to the classic Chicken Little (definitely read them together!), this time our main character knows exactly what he is talking about. A great story time read, with the repeated shout of "Duck!" perfectly set up at the end of each page.

The cartoony illustrations are a hoot, particularly the animals' lofty expressions as they try to tell Duck just how wrong he is (I swear if that pig rolls his eyes one more time...). Children may wonder why Duck appears to have angel wings, but they will delight in spotting the danger he is trying to warn the other animals of.

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