Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Review: 30-Minute Makers Series from Lerner

September means the start of science fair season - which means beleaguered parents with kids in tow, trying to find a project idea that doesn't break the bank, is easy for everyone to understand, and involves some actual science (not just blowing things up with no explanation - although that's sure fun!)

I am always looking for books to help them out, and Lerner sent me two from their new series:


Did you know that you can make plastic, snow, and even a lava lamp in less than 30 minutes? Clear, step-by-step instructions guide readers through the exciting science projects, and Science Takeaway sidebars explain the chemistry behind these cool creations.


Step-by-step instructions and photos guide readers through projects that introduce them to the science of food. While shaking up butter and cooking candy, readers will learn about molecules, matter, and taste with these fast and fun projects.

Other titles in the series include:

Outdoor Science Projects
Rainy Day Science Projects
Robotics Projects
Sustainable Science Projects

Each is also available in paperback.

Each of the experiments I looked at would be a kid-pleaser and provide plenty of visuals for a presentation. A "science take-away" after each one gave a simple explanation of the scientific process involved - not enough to write a report, but enough to head the young scientist in the right direction for her research. Many are even suitable for very young children - we have tried a variation of the "dancing candy hearts" in Toddler STEAM! Whether for school projects or just for fun at home, I predict these will get a lot of use. I can also see these being helpful for an elementary teacher who wants to squeeze in more science, but who isn't given that much room in her schedule. We will be purchasing the entire set for the library, so come check them out!

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