Thursday, January 4, 2018

Book Review: Way Too Many Latkes by Linda Glaser and Aleksandar Zolotic


Faigel makes the best Hanukkah latkes in Chelm, but somehow, this year she's forgotten how to make them! She sends her husband, Shmuel, to ask the rabbi for help. And in Chelm, the village of fools—oy vey!—this becomes a recipe for disaster!

Is it too late for Hanukkah stories? Nah! If kids can check out Christmas movies at the library in the middle of summer, we can read this one just a few weeks after the holiday. 

If you are not familiar with Jewish folk tales, the village of Chelm is known as being full of foolish people who are often the subject of humorous stories - but often with a good bit of wisdom to be found. This title is quickly going to the top of my list of Chelm stories! The banter is quick, Faigel's frenzy and frustration are contagious, and children will roar with laughter at the dialogue. 

Glaser is no stranger to our shelves (Mrs. Greenberg's Messy Hanukkah is another Hanukkah go-to), but I don't seem to have anything by Zolotic. His characters' huge eyes and expressive faces (loved Faigel chopping the onions) add perfectly to the energy and humor.

First it made me laugh out loud (in a crowded library, I should add). Then it made me really hungry. Latkes for supper tonight, kids! And with my crew, there really isn't such a thing as too many latkes!

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