Thursday, December 21, 2017

Review: Harry Potter Quidditch Magical Film Projections


If you read the title and thought to yourself, "Wha???" Don't feel alone - I did too! The description intrigued me enough that I asked for a review copy, even though there isn't actually any new text to read and review, just lines from the movies:

The wizarding world’s favorite sport, Quidditch is a magical game played high up in the air with Quaffles, Bludgers, and broomsticks. This interactive book allows fans to project their favorite Quidditch scenes from the Harry Potter films on a wall or ceiling using a flashlight. Read along and experience extraordinary moments from the movies like never before, like when Harry catches the Golden Snitch in his first-ever game of Quidditch.

Six scenes involving Quidditch (or flying in general) have lines of dialogue paired with a black-outline drawing on clear plastic. In a darkened room, you shine a flashlight through the plastic to project the picture on the wall or ceiling.

Overall, it worked pretty well. Trying to put it on the ceiling (our only white surface available) was a little awkward, and works better with two people, but my 11yo thought the results were pretty cool. Of course, the darker the room, the better it works, but that means you can't read the dialogue at the same time. I think it will work better if you can set it on a flat surface and project the images on the wall, using the light of the same flashlight to read the scenes.

Not something I would have for check-out at the library, but if you are looking for a last-minute stocking stuffer for your Harry Potter fan, this one is sure to be a hit!

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