Friday, December 22, 2017

Book Review: Hooray for Community Helpers series from Lerner



Books about community helpers are always a sure bet, and Lerner's sturdy binding and large photographs continue to please both children and librarians.

Written around a first grade reading level, Hooray for Garbage Collectors touches on recycling, vehicles and safety. I do have to wonder if the photograph on the "tools" page is more for the Moms than the kids, though - why is that man not wearing more clothing under his safety vest? Sure, it can be hot work, but I can't imagine bare arms are recommended by OSHA when handling refuse. That particular shot may be more suited to a calendar spread.

Hooray for Firefighters was less sexy, but had its own issues. One of the very first pages says "They slide down a pole." Um...our fire station doesn't have a pole. I don't know that I have ever seen a pole in use at a fire station. Some still have them, sure, but they are kind of a safety nightmare. That makes me wonder if Kenan actually spent time at a fire station, or if she just put together some stock photos. When there isn't room for more than the basic information about a subject, shouldn't we try to get that basic info right?

Rather disappointing coming from Lerner and Kenan, and hopefully just a glitch. I don't think I will be ordering the rest of this particular series.

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