Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Review: Fun Firsts series from Lerner



Do you remember your first sleepover? Whether it was at a relative's house or a friend's, there might have been a little anxiety and a few questions about what to expect. This first title in Lerner's Bumba Books early reader series "Fun Firsts" covers snacks, activities, and talking all night long. Text bubbles offer discussion questions such as, "What do you need to bring to a sleepover?" 

Getting a new pet can be a monumental moment in a child's life, even if they already have animals in the home. Choosing just the right one is a big deal, and we frequently get kids in the library looking for books about hamster care or dog breeds, wanting to prove to Mom and Dad that they are ready 😉 This title can be a good start to the discussion, briefly mentioning types of pets, care, feeding, training, cleaning up, and safety.

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As early readers, these offer just enough information to provide a jumping off point for conversation or more study, while the 'chapters', glossary and index help children become familiar with the typical nonfiction book format. Bright full-page photographs and sturdy binding make these a great addition to school or public libraries.

Other titles in this series include Going Camping, Going On an Airplane, Moving Day, and Starting a Sport.

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