Friday, November 10, 2017

Review: Fox and the Bike Ride by Corey R. Tabor


It’s the day of the animals’ annual bike ride, and Fox is not excited. Every year it’s the same old, same old.
Fox wants adventure.
He wants action-adventure.
He wants danger-action-adventure!
(And snacks too, of course.)
So he secretly schemes to make this the most unforgettable trip ever—and his friends are coming along, whether they want to or not!

The tired old lady in me is quite dismayed at Fox's recklessness. What's WRONG with a nice, leisurely trip, anyway?

Fortunately, the reader in me is still the same person who looked at the horses lined up for the trail ride and immediately pointed at the black one on the very end bucking and prancing and ready to GO already and said, "I want that one!" (And after much pestering of the Poor Man In Charge, that is the one I got. We did not exactly stick to the trail.)

Sometimes, you need to shake things up a bit, and maybe even add a little danger and uncertainty to your plans. As long as there are still snacks at the end, it's all good.

The illustrations are fantabulous - keep your eye on the chicken! I can see this becoming a favorite at home very quickly, with future plans having a "What would Fox do?" element involved.

***Edited as I was cataloging. Check out the 245 and 700 lines:

Love it!

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