Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Review: It's a Boa Constrictor! It's a Chimpanzee! by Tessa Kenan, Bumba Books by Lerner

Last week we looked at Lerner's Let's Explore Countries series for beginning readers. Any teacher or librarian can tell you that animal books are a sure hit for the younger ages, so I was pleased to see this series as well.



Like the country series, these attractively illustrated titles include simple but informative text, with questions designed to spark critical thinking (Why do you think boas can be different colors? How else might chimpanzees use tools?) A good basic introduction to each animal, and interesting enough to motivate young readers. Another set I strongly recommend for school or classroom libraries. Other animals currently available in this series include the jaguar, chameleon, red-eyed tree frog and vampire bat. We will be purchasing all of them!

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