Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Review: The Toth Farey by Sheridan Jones

I found this nicely bound book on my computer keyboard. A strange way for me to receive books to review, but that just made it more worth a glance.

The story starts off with a sweet scene of Mommy reading to her daughter, and both of them telling each other they love them.

I would love to say that Mommy was me, but I never wear a dress, and last I checked I only had two feet.

Suddenly, the daughter doubles in size AND loses a tooth!

Mommy is so shocked at how fast her child is growing (something many readers can relate to), she loses her grip on both her book and her clothing.

Daughter is pleased by the tooth loss, and uses her Mrs. Incredible stretchy arms to carefully place it under her pillow.

Then she removes her hair, climbs under her see-through blanket, and is soon fast asleep. The Toth Farey, resplendent in fluffy cape, arrives promptly (okay, so very definitely NOT my house.)

Off she flies with the tooth - but, did she leave a little something?

Daughter seems happy...

Paper money! Much better than a measley quarter! Mommy appears stunned.

The story ends with hipster Mommy declaring it "cool", while daughter goes with "Isn't it amazing?"

This Mommy has to agree.

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