Monday, October 19, 2015

Quickie reviews: New Books at the Library

Oh, I am so ridiculously far behind. In the past 48 hours I had Bountiful Baskets, the Blood Drive (hosting), dismantling a dog pen, selling ice cream at the Apple Festival, the gun show, redeeming Sheridan's reading award,

and the pumpkin decorating contest.

Somewhere in the middle of that, my children walked in looking like this:

All of which is to say...I'm a little behind on reviews. We just got a huge order of new children's books in, though, and I don't want them to fly by without a mention, so I'm going to give the best ones a quick once-over here:

Creaturepedia: Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth

Welcome to this collection of best-loved animals from all over the world, chosen for their special talents and characteristics, with fun illustrations by Adrienne Barman. Meet 'the architects', the 'noisy neighbors', the 'homebodies', the 'forever faithfuls', the 'champions of forgetfulness' and more in this alphabetically ordered encyclopedia. Filled with fascinating facts, curious creatures, and characterful cartoons, this book will keep young explorers busy for hours.

Such a fun way to organize hundreds of animals - and with great illustrations! While the drawings are somewhat cartoony and comical, the quick facts that go with them are accurate and informative. I could look at this one for hours...but had to settle for a few minutes. I think this one is going home with me.

Max and the Won't Go to Bed Show

Max the Magnificent is a daring magician. He can make cookies disappear, make animals appear, and even tame savage beasts! Cheer as he makes a cookie disappear (very slowly)! Gasp as he asks for ten (yes, ten) bedtime stories! Will he be able to accomplish the most difficult trick and put off bedtime?

Oh, look, another book about my children! We call Shane "Logan's Mini-Me", and he has definitely taken on the role of bedtime staller. This one will also have to come home - if nothing else, Daddy and I will get a kick out of it.

Tell Me a Picture: Adventures in looking at art

In 2001, Quentin Blake - the first Children's Laureate - chose twenty-six of his favorite paintings for an exhibition at the National Gallery. Very different artworks were chosen, some by fine artists and some by children's illustrators, but they all had one thing in common: a story to tell. The accompanying book urges children to use their imaginations and look for the stories in the pictures. Reissued with a new introduction from the author, Tell Me A Picture will show a new generation the adventures that await in looking at art.

A reprint, but I must have missed it the first time around. We have a home schooling group that has art and science lessons here, I will be passing this one on for sure. Anything that shows kids 'old' art isn't dull is a definite find.

Louise Loves Art

Meet Louise. Louise loves art more than anything. It's her imagination on the outside. She is determined to create a masterpiece—her pièce de résistance!
Louise also loves Art, her little brother. This is their story.

Don't tell, but my little artists have gone through so much paper creating artwork, that Santa has bought them an entire CASE of copy paper for Christmas. We are hoping it will at least last them through the end of Christmas break.

Of course, out of all those masterpieces, there are always a few extra special ones. And when little brother gets after one of those with the scissors...oh, boy. A sweet little getting-along-with-your-sibling tale! (Not that THAT is ever an issue at our house...ahem.)

Speaking of which...

One Busy Day: A Story for Big Brothers and Sisters

All Mia wants is for her big brother, Spencer, to play with her. But he's always too busy! So Mia paints, and dances, and explores, and keep busy all by herself. But with a little imagination and a lot of love, Mia might just be able to show Spencer that it's a lot more fun to be busy together.

It's hard when one sibling wants to be alone, and another just desperately wants to play together. I see this a lot with Christopher and Sheridan. I like that, in addition to having a fantastic imagination, Mia is content to play by herself for a bit until Spencer decides to join her after all.

More to share tomorrow!

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