Friday, October 30, 2015

Family Fright Night 2015

Ack! For the first time ever, we had competition for our usually-packed Halloween party - a trunk or treat at a nearby nursing home. The lure of straight candy seems to have diminished our crowd, but we still had about 60 people for stories, fun and games - and candy!

The stage was set - photo props next to the skeleton in case you didn't come in costume, but wanted your picture taken.

Craft for the littles.

Snacks for everybody (waiting to be put out just before).

Eyeball toss.

LOTS of candy - in bags this year, because certain grown-ups last year were very piggie, which meant shy little ones didn't get much. Grr.

My mother came early with the kids, ion case we needed help. That gave me probably my only chance to photograph all four together, with costume pieces still intact!


a Lovable Little Devil (his tail is even tipped with a heart),

Go-Go...and her photo-bombing brother, yelling, "Me! Me!"

and a Red Lego!

Yeah, he knew he looked cute.
 I actually had everything ready in time, so the kids sampled some of the other crafts,

and read for a bit,

until our friends started arriving.
Her son was absolutely mortified. So she made sure to stop for gas on the way.
 See Sadness, here? She is sad because she is a librarian without a library. Anybody have a spot for this recent graduate, MLS and all, who is willing to come out and volunteer for children's programs??

Ah, the aforementioned son of the witch. Who wouldn't pause for a picture until I threatened to make him sit next to his mother.

Hmm...that's a face that is plotting revenge.
 Rainbow Dash Elsa! Love it!!

Elmo, channeling Cookie Monster.

These three came in growling - very scary!

Well, I know who it is INSIDE the costume...but I'm afraid I am not up on my sci-fi characters...sorry, L.! But you looked great!

A manga character whose name also escapes me...I am a sad excuse for a librarian.

Mickey!!! That one I know!

Making use of photo props...

This. Was. Awesome.

Yes, they made it themselves. Hey, K., smile for the camera! K.? Are you smiling???

Another excellently hand-made costume:

Love that girl's smile!

One beautiful blue butterfly...

...and another beautiful blue butterfly!

There were no fist fights, but they refused to stand next to each other.

Why am I holding a giant cockroach?
 To play hopscotch with, of course!

A bit quieter out in the children's room.

And wasn't Sherry stunning?!

She just wouldn't look at me when I had the camera out!

Back to the eyeball toss, for some last minute attempts.

Shane decided I had taken enough pictures, and it was time to go.

Thanks to everyone who came, and to everyone who helped out! Back to scraping up squashed grapes and cheetos...

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