Thursday, May 21, 2015

Summer Reading 2015 - The Final Countdown

Tomorrow is the day! The last day of school (less than an hour long, so most kids just don't go), and the first day of registration for Summer Reading! Some things we have been getting ready for months, others can't be done until the last minute. 

I put together 200 copies of the participant packets a couple weeks ago.

And then today I changed the date of one of the activities. I've fixed about half of them...the problem with doing something monotonous, like scribbling out a date, is that your mind keeps jumping to other things you need to do...

like, take down the art table, and turn it into the registration table.

Then, of course, you feel bad that you had to take down the art table, 

so you set up a community art project in another corner.

Displays are up:

Bottles have pictures of raffle prizes -
kids will put their tickets in the bottle for the prize they want to win.

Don't forget the sponsor wall!
Raffle prizes - some of which were just purchased today!

T-shirts are sorted, folded, and organized neatly:

The rest of the closet...not so much.

Emma is hiding.

She is hoping I won't notice that her tank walls really need to be cleaned.

Treasure box is full, even though we don't start giving out prizes until June 8.

More prizes waiting in the wings...

Hello, Mr. Green!

Craft materials ready and books selected.

Glue bottles filled and cleaned, markers checked and distributed evenly by color (that will last for approximately one story time).


...and drinks ready for the teens and tweens! 

(And, thank-you, Space City Sertoma, for the gift card, so I can add fresh fruits and veggies all summer!)

I even pulled appliances out and cleaned behind them, so everything will start out fresh! (Again, that will last for approximately one story time).

Ooh - I need to pull books to display alongside the visiting archaeological exhibit that is coming tomorrow only. And set up the superhero ID card station that is also tomorrow only. Back to work! See you all manana!!

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  1. Now I feel a lot better about the state of my closets....and I still have two weeks!