Monday, May 11, 2015

New at the Library!

Ugh...I was doing so well posting several times a week, even had things scheduled ahead...then every single person in the house got sick. Not all at once, mind you! I finally feel human again, and happily came back to piles of books to catalog - our last order of the fiscal year. There are some great titles in the pile, so I am going to take a few posts this week to highlight just a few:

Ivan: The Remarkable True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla

Applegate's chapter book, The One and Only Ivan, won the Newbery medal. This picture book gives younger children a gentle introduction to Ivan's life, as well as changing attitudes in our culture about wild animals in captivity. It begins and ends with the same sweet imagery of "gentle arms". A two-page spread at the back gives more of his history, and his main zookeeper shares some of her memories of his last few years.

The Fort That Jack Built

Poor Jack! In the style of the old rhyme, "The House that Jack Built", our protagonist creates a really cool fort out of objects from all over the house - but then his family members start taking their things back! We can feel his disappointment and frustration, until Grandma steps in and saves the day.

Hush, Little Dragon

Hee hee - "Hush Little Baby" is one of the songs I have always sung to my kids without changing the words, but you have to chuckle when mama dragon starts offering her little one a princess to eat, or a fresh magician - "don't mind the taste, he's good nutrition!"

The Heart and the Bottle

Jeffers as usual hits out out of the ballpark in both text and illustrations. A young girl experiences loss, and decides to guard her heart by keeping it in a bottle. Of course, that means she doesn't experience any of the enjoyable parts of life any more, either...a fantastic discussion book to share with a little one in any similar situation!

A Pet for Fly Guy (Fly Guy Series)

Fly Guy is now in picture books! Buzz helps him search for the perfect pet of his own, with a predictable and satisfying conclusion.

The Princess of 8th Street

Shy and/or lonely children are not a new subject, but this one touches on a few details and feelings I haven't seen much in books - but saw plenty of on the playground. Very sweet, with an annoying toad of a brother to add levity!

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