Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Picture Book reviews: All About the Bunnies!


I snorted. 

Declan is a sweet little toddler monster who cheerily greets every stick, rock, and tree he meets. His excitement cannot be contained, however, when he sees...bunnies!!! Bunnies!!! Bunnies!!! For some odd reason, however, much like the deer in my yard this morning, the bunnies are a bit unnerved by the shrieking toddler monster racing toward them at top speed. Poor, sad Declan!

There are very few words in the text, and the pictures are aDORable. I was recently treated to a video of one of my young patrons 'reading' the book Ball by Mary Sullivan, and I can see this one being 'read' the same way. So, E., if you are at story time tomorrow, I have a book for you to check out - after I read it, of course!

Cat & Bunny

Cat and Bunny.

Bunny and Cat.

It's always been just the two of them—daydreaming, having adventures, playing their special game.

Until the day someone else asks, "Can I play?"

I was reading somewhere recently that it is important for kids to have moments when they figure out a secret. Those moments help them feel empowered and grown-up, and encourage more critical thinking and analyzing. Toddlers will feel quite astute when they realize cat and bunny (and giraffe and quail and...) are actually children in costumes. When a real kitten shows up on page, you have the opportunity to discuss real vs. pretend (a conversation we are having at home a LOT lately!)

The story is a common one - two best friends, a third is introduced and someone feels left out. A common story in books, because it is a common story in real life, and the resolution is simple and cheery. Soft watercolor and pencil illustrations.

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  1. Ami read Bunnies! to me this morning and I loved it; it was incredibly cute and funny!