Saturday, March 7, 2015

Cowboy Days

The New Mexico Farm and Ranch Museum has several terrific events throughout the year, but the Cowboy Days is definitely our favorite. 

We started off watching a few gunfights.

They were kind of loud!

Then we moved down to the riding and shooting demonstration. Logan liked this lady - he kept saying "She is really pretty good!"

Here's a fun job!

Of course, being my kids, one of the highlights was running up and down the metal arena, which makes a ton of noise.

Even Shane was getting into it.

Lots of animals to check out, of course.

And we got to practice our walking.

Which we were quite proud of.

Really cool playground!

Because, you know, it's not as if we have slides anywhere near home.

Watch out, Sheridan, rustler coming up behind you!

You're never too big for some things!

Another favorite is the talking, bike riding skeleton who tells us how to keep our bones strong.

A recent addition, you can actually hook this cow up and milk her! can stare at the pretty girl next to you.

You can also see how it feels for the cow. Ticklish, apparently!

Time to eat! Several food vendors, and of course everyone wanted something different.

Mommy's BBQ burrito.

Giant corn dog.


More of Mommy's burrito.


Wait...has anyone seen my burrito?

Looking back over the things we have done so far.

Cool things to look at everywhere outside - old farm equipment, a working blacksmith shop, and this cool horno.

Or, you know, you could play with a stick and dirt.

There were two areas of craft vendors, a Sheriff's school and crafts for kids, several performers, pony rides, bronc riding, and of course the whole museum to explore. We didn't have time for all of it, and I didn't get pictures of half! 

The museum has added or spruced up a lot of areas, I was really impressed! Much more hands on and kid friendly. The kids spotted an indoor play area, and I grimaced at first, picturing the one at McDonalds. Not so! 

In the bottom you have several types of chickens in nesting boxes, with plastic eggs under them. You collect the eggs in baskets, and run them upstairs, where you dump them into a tube.

The eggs funnel down to the nesting boxes, and you can see which chicken laid the most...and do it all over again! The kids were having a blast running them up and down!

There was also a river, with irrigation ditches running through a field,

crops to harvest,

and tractors to haul them in.

Oh, and a horse to ride!

Which we weren't entirely sure about.

We followed up with a birthday party, so it was a fun, but long day. Only Logan was smart enough to sleep on the ride home, though.

Shane babbled and played with his feet to stay awake,

and Sheridan sang. All. the. way. home. You know how you are tuning out the 800th refrain of "Let it Go", and you suddenly realize that that is not quite what your child is singing? That, somehow, it became a song about, not snow, but...poop?

Think about it: "Let it go...let it go...can't hold it back any more..." Just got a completely different picture in your head, didn't you? Followed by, "I can't stand, and I can't stay, 'cause I have to pooooooooooooooop! I hope it doesn't explode all over the place."

Yep. I see quite a future, here.

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