Monday, November 24, 2014

28 Shopping Days Left! Review of Work, Dogs, Work by James Horvath

Wait...did that say 28? Gah!!! I am so not ready! If you are, I don't want to hear about it. If you are not, I hope the ideas I am posting are helping!

Work, Dogs, Work: A Highway Tail

I reviewed Horvath's Dig, Dogs, Dig last year, and a quick check tells me it has circulated 14 times so far - in fact, it just came back a few days ago. At 3 weeks (possible) per circ, that means it is checked out more often than it is checked in. No big surprise to anyone who has spent more than thirty seconds in the company of small boys!

I had to laugh at the first page spread - the construction dogs are racing around a coffee shop, getting their caffeine hits before they start their day. Fun details for parents to chuckle at - one barista had a studded collar - does that make her a goth dog? - while the other has two earrings and a nose ring. The black cat from the first book is lapping up cream in the kitchen area (don't tell the health department), and the bulletin board features a business card for our canine crew!

As in the first book, each spread features a bright, colorful, and busy scene, with 4-8 lines of rhyming text. The rhythm and pacing of the words make it impossible to read aloud without enthusiasm in your voice. The smiling dogs seem to be enjoying their jobs thoroughly. Vehicles and their jobs are explained simply as we go along (and the very obviously female dog drives most of them). More fun details are in each illustration - kids watching the construction with a parent, the cat getting into the paint. I don't really have to tell you to buy this for your library, do I? You probably filled out an order card as soon as you saw the cover. This will be going directly into the story time line-up, and will be a huge hit as a Christmas gift for your truck-loving giftees!

Gifting Ideas:
I have been a huge fan of Melissa and Doug toys ever since Uncle Mike and Aunt Shannon sent half their inventory one Christmas. Good, sturdy toys that stand up to lots of play and encourage imagination! How about this trailer and excavator?
or this role play set?
Even better, if there is a construction site going on near you, bundle up with a thermos of cocoa and go watch for a while (from a safe distance, of course.) We have had a new grocery store going in across from the library for the past six months, and they are working on the parking lot now: 

so much fun to watch! (Especially since every step puts us closer to having a coffee shop within break distance...)

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