Monday, April 21, 2014

Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

(***published the day AFTER Easter because my computer was being difficult - bookmark it for next year!)

Ever third Mommy blog seems to feature shaving cream Easter eggs, so we thought we'd give it a try. Shocking, I know, that we would be drawn to something messy. All we had in the house was shaving gel, but fortunately Daddy was headed to town, so we sent him on a side trip. Supposedly whip cream will work, too, but I didn't have much of that either, and I didn't want to risk wasting it!

So, we hard-boiled our eggs, then filled baking pans with shaving cream and a few drops of food coloring.

By "we" I mean "Mommy". I'm not totally crazy.

Swirl it a bit with a toothpick, then you're supposed to roll an egg from one end to another.

Ours didn't roll, they just scooted. Too much shaving cream? Too little? I have no idea.

No matter, everyone was happy to just squish them around.

We do a lot of semi-naked crafting, for obvious reasons.

Mmm-hmm. Being the overachiever she is, Sheridan didn't stop with getting her hands messy.

NO idea how that happened.

Aaaaaand, on to the sink!

We let the eggs sit on paper plates, covered in shaving cream, while we ate lunch, then wiped them off.

Pretty! Mostly pastel-type colors. I may experiment next time with gels vs. liquid food coloring, or see if we should have added more drops. At any rate, the kitchen and dining room smell nice and fresh - although Sheridan's arms kept their greenish tint for a while...

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