Thursday, April 24, 2014

Review: New Junior Readers

Pinkalicious and the Perfect Present
Love me some yard sales! A good saturday is one where the kids and I pick up Grandma, and we scour the town for great deals on things we didn't know we needed. Pinkalicious gets money from Mommy to spend on a treasure of her choice - and ends up finding the perfect ghift for Mommy. One of the better Pinkalicious books of late.
These next two are part of a series from Lerner, "Responsibility in Action":
How I Care for My Pet
How I Pack My Lunch
Okay, yes, I grabbed the two that were most relevant in my own household, so sue me. The series also includes (How I)
- Clean My Room
- Do My Homework
- Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle
- Clean Up a Park.
How I Clean My Room being the least relevant.
I've grown to love these little sentence-a-page readers that have 'chapters' and glossaries, making kids feel like they are reading a 'big kid book'. If wanting to read is 90% of learning, feeling like you can is another 9%. These short sentences are chock full of other hidden skills and lessons, like the use of "first, next, last". There are even "fun facts" and a suggested activity. Quite a lot in a 7"x7", 24-page book!
The only part I found odd was the blurred picture on pg. 19 of How I Care for My Pet. Sure, you see blurry pictures on this blog all the time, but one would assume the kids in these books are being posed by a professional photographer - not caught by a tired Mom who is always three steps behind them. Otherwise, the photos very clearly illustrate the text. 

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