Monday, September 16, 2013

"O" is for "Oh my gosh do I need a nap..."

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit from Ohio this week, which worked nicely into the letter "O". Unfortunately, (and very unusually for NM), most of the days looked like this:
That cut out quite a lot of our usual activities! Fortunately, the hotel has an indoor swimming pool.
Not so sure just yet.

But, splashing is fun!

Christopher, on the other hand, is a fish! (That would be him under the water).

Sheridan did a little dog-paddling back and forth, as well as floating on her back and kicking.
Note that there will be no pictures of pregnant Mommy in her makeshift swimwear. It's amazing how tired just walking through water can make you, though! Then I had to work the next day, which included shifting shelves and going through stacks of new books. By Saturday I was ready to stay home and "do school".
In hopes of a trip to the zoo later, we started off with "o" animals from this web site. We looked at each one briefly, and watched the video that went with it. Then we did letter shapes:
Some of the "o" cereal was glued down, some ended up in bellies. It's all good:)

Then S. colored "o" animals, while C. used them with his spelling words to make sentences.
We ran out of "o" animals at the end, but as you can see, my Star Wars fan had a quick solution!

L. made his own animals with his big beads.
For lunch, we ate more O's!
With a fruit salad of Bountiful Basket leftovers.

Dessert was strips of crescent roll dough in "o" shapes, sprinkled VERY liberally with cinnamon sugar.
Hey, I just realized everyone is wearing pants AND has their hair combed. Very odd for a day at home.
While the littles napped, I printed out coloring pages for the different "o" animals. Grandma and Grandpa joined us and we painted them all with watercolors.
I firmly believe adults should have an arts and crafts time every day. That way, even if you totally botch, say, a kidney transplant, you can point out how nicely you colored in the lines, and your day won't be totally unproductive.
Coming tomorrow: the Zoo!


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