Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Review: When My Baby Dreams of Fairy Tales

When I first saw some of the amazing photographs created by Adele Enersen some time ago, my first thought - and I know I can't have been alone here - was, "How does she get the baby to stay asleep?!" If you aren't familiar with her work, Enersen created amazing scenes around her sleeping daughter, making it look like she was taking a flying carpet ride, or dancing in the rain. Hasn't she ever heard the adage, "Let sleeping babies lie"?! She says it only took her a few minutes to conceive, arrange, and shoot each scene. But, just look at this cover photo:
When My Baby Dreams of Fairy Tales By Adele Enersen Illustrated by Adele Enersen

Enersen obviously has much more creativity in her than I do, because it would take me all day to get something like this figured out and set up, never mind doing it around a sleeping child. C., at this point, I could probably build an entire house around while he is sleeping, but S. and L. are notoriously light sleepers. With L., I am constantly tiptoeing out of the room, only to make it a step from the doorway before he senses I am no longer RIGHT THERE, and wakes with a loud screech.

So, I was relieved (and, admittedly, slightly smug) to read that Enersen's newest child, according to her blog, "is not ready to sleep anywhere else than in my arms, and he prefers eating, not sleeping." All that said, however, I am quite happy to enjoy the fruits of her labors. When My Baby Dreams of Fairy Tales is her second book (The first is simply, When My Baby Dreams), and there is at least one calendar. these are definitely more Mom-books than kid-books, in that moms will want to stop and coo over every detail in the pictures. Babies do love pictures of other babies, though, and I think toddlers will get a giggle out of each pose, while older kids may have fun recognizing the stories that go with each one.

This could be a good shower gift (not to a first-time Mom, please - they often have enough I'm-not-worthy angst), or just a fun family time read. Available now (thanks, HarperCollins, for the review copy!)

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