Monday, February 18, 2013

A Day at Home

Both L. and S. had crawled into bed with us last night...and then L. wet the bed, so everybody started the day with a bath.  Breakfast of bacon and cereal, then Daddy out the door to work, while Mommy began on laundry and dishes.

7:56 - Finally get around to wiping down mattress cover. Decide to finally put bed on risers I bought days ago, so I can finally get underbed box under the bed, before finally putting new sheets on.

7:58 - Bottoms of bed corners won't fit inside groove of bed risers. Maybe if I just turn them upside down? I don't need the whole 5 1/2 inches.

8:00 - That will work!

8:02 - No, it won't. Abandon bed project when dryer signals it is through.

8:23 - Trail of torn tissues leading from one bedroom to another. L. at end, explaining, "boogers!"

8:37 - Walked through the living room, which looks like a tornado hit it. There appears to be a mummy on the sofa. He is lying completely still, so it couldn't have been him.

Maybe he'll fold the laundry.
This one is asleep, so she's obviously innocent as well.

Oh, look, more shredded tissues.
8:52 - Finish downloading pictures, and, thinking I have a least accomplished one thing, go back to put the sheet on the bed.

8:58 - Tell kids we can make cookies for tomorrow's 4H meeting as soon as they have the living room picked up, knowing that gives me at least another hour.

9:11 - In the middle of scrubbing the bathtub - "Mom, L. took his diaper off!" L: " Naked butt! Naked butt!"

9:15 - Finish putting new diaper and pants on baby octopus.

9:20 - School time: look at Google images of letter "C", watch video of Cookie Monster singing, "C is for Cookie". S. starts coloring picture of Cookie Monster inside a C shape, while L. colors... Iron Man. Whatever.

9:30 - Start C. on making cookies while I put dishes away.

9:38 - L., where are your pants?!

9:52 - Daddy calls from work to check on status of cookies.

10:03 - Start S. on filling for cookies. C. is now a pirate-mummy holding a pink shotgun, and asks to go outside to play. Sure, we wouldn't want the neighbors to have a dull day.

10:23 - Try to watch another "C" video, computer freezes up, restart. While waiting, S. decides to sweep kitchen. L. decides to help. Argument ensues. L. decides to mop living room carpet instead. Bangarang.

10:40 - Note to self: Stop trying new recipes when you are making something to take somewhere. Let's see...brownies are chocolate, and the mint filling can go on top, with some chopped Andes mints, thereby fulfilling the National Chocolate Mint Day requirement that I gave myself. Google recipes to use crumbled chocolate cookies.

10:43 - Try to print yummy recipe with chocolate cookie crumb. Printer not working. At all. I'll mess with it later.

10:45 - Watch "C" video together and write down some of the "C" words we heard. Play a musical "C" video while I pull chairs out of dining room to sweep. Kids start dancing really cute. Abandon sweeping to videotape it. Can't find camera.

10:48 - Seriously, where is my camera?

10:53 - "Kids, help me find my camera." Tear house apart.

11:14 - Find camera in trash bag with recycling. Bemoan the fact that I only use initials on my blog, because yelling "L.W.!!!" doesn't have quite the same effect as using his full name.

11:16 - Play video again, but nobody wants to dance now. Write down more "c" words.

11:25 - Sweep dining room. C. thinks it would be funny to drop more trash in front of the broom. Congratulate C. on his wise choices, and tell him he may now clean the kitchen floor. Alone.

11:44 - L. wanders by. Sniff suspiciously. Change diaper. And pants. No more apple juice today. L. is growling, "my precious!"

11:48 - Tell kids to pick toys up so we can eat lunch. S. refuses. S. is put on her bed in time out.

11:53 - Hugs are exchanged, S. starts picking up toys. I start making sandwiches, with L. cheering me on ("My jelly! My jelly!") (Why are there two open bags of bread?)

12:12 - Lunch - picnic on the dining room floor. Finish mine, and vacuum while they nibble.

S: "L., no!!!"
Me: "S., stop screaming."
S.: "But, he's getting my sandwich!"
Me: "If you were EATING your sandwich, he couldn't be GETTING it."
S: "L., No!!!!"

12:23 - Surf Facebook, waiting for kids to finish. Bookmark link to cool program to check out later.

S: (moving to a different area of floor) "Mommy, I'm eating by myself!"
C: "Can I eat with you?"
S: "Yes."

12:26 - My junk mail folder includes several offers to help build my testosterone.

12:30 - Put last load of laundry (for today) in dryer. Fill jug with laundry soap for Grandma. Can't find lid. Improvise with ziploc and rubber band, and put it in the van.

12:35 - FINALLY!!! S. is finished, and ready for her nap. She insists I take her sandals off, and I notice her toenails need trimming, so I do it right then, because there is no way I will remember that when she gets back up. She negotiates for two songs (won with extra kisses), and then I put the cow and the pillow in front of her door, and turn the pillow around once and then upside down, because she is just a little OCD that way.

12:43 - Wipe top layer of PB&J off L.'s hands and face. He grabs wiper and wipes me off. Put him in bed. Sniff. Take him back out of bed, change diaper, and put him back in bed again.

12:50 - C. plays on Starfall while I scrub the dining room and kitchen floors, tile by tile, scraping food off walls as I go. Note to self: Sign L. up for any sport that involves throwing.

1:20 - Get C. a band-aid. How do you injure yourself playing Starfall? He switches to Play-do, potentially less dangerous, while I check e-mails.

1:25 - Brownies fell in the middle, because I forgot to add extra flour. Andes mints have melted and resolidified into one giant chunk. Next month, I am just buying the kids carrot sticks.

1:30 - Start folding laundry.

1:50 - Still folding laundry. C. has made a bajillion Play-do pirates, and is constructing long ropes for them to use to climb down off the table. Except, some other Play-do dude is sawing partway through the ropes when the Play-do pirates aren't looking. I'm not sure who the bad guys and good guys are in this scenario.

1:57- Put my laundry away. Everything else goes in a room where someone is sleeping!

2:05 - Do some math with C.

2:11- S. wakes up, curls up in my lap, cuddles for a bit. Where did these fairy blonde curls come from??? C. joins us, and we read some of the books I am supposed to be reviewing. One is about slaves building the White House - big concept for someone who just gets a time-out when she refuses to do something.

2:21 - S. takes over Play-do. I go to the bathroom and realize that I never got any further than cleaning the bathtub this morning. Decide I don't care, and start on dishes from baking. C. (who is now wearing a band uniform) mostly lies on his back on the loor and pesters S.

2:46 - Start paying bills. Yippee skippee.

3:21 - Holy cow, there's still money left, that can't be right! Oh, wait, propane bill...

3:26 - Decide I need a snack and a Play-do break. Enough fun for one day!

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