Saturday, December 29, 2012

Library Centennial Ball Photos

Ths post is mainly to serve as a central place everyone can view photos from last night's Centennial Ball. The state of New Mexico has been celebrating the anniversary of its statehood all year, and our Friends group decided to take it out with a party to end all parties. And boy, was it! Excellent catered food from Stella Vida (we ran those poor ladies ragged!), music in two different rooms and a heated tent outside, dancing, socializing, and, the CLOTHES! Whether people came in formal attire, vintage outfits, steampunk (that made my night, ladies!), or Anne of Green Gables style, everyone looked FANTASTIC! I only got a few shots, unfortunately, as I was at the coat check counter most of the evening, but here is a taste:
Even the library got dressed up!

Missy spent MONTHS working on decorations, making a bajillion ornaments and 3D snowflakes out of old books. Guests got to take one home as a souvenir at the end of the night.

Why have we never put lights on our trees before? We are keeping these!

It was funny watching cars drive by, then slow - or jerk to a stop - when they saw the outside decor.


Just a teensy smidgen of the many tasty finger foods.

And the lovely lady on the right would be the one who dreamt up the idea almost a year ago, and the driving force behind making it all happen! (The guy on the right is her arm candy).

This was when you could still walk through the room - so, only abut ten minutes into the evening.

Soooooo, soooooooooo, cute!

Squee-worthy adorable!

She IS Anne of Green Gables!

Handsome couple.

Gentlemen in top hats and cowoy hats, jeans and suits - that's New Mexico in a nutshell! (Except he should be holding a derringer rather than a digital camera)

I'm sad that this is blurry, and that I didn't get her smile.

Out on the town with NO KIDS! Another Christmas miracle!

They were all having so much fun, I couldn't stop taking pictures!

***Update: And here are the much more professional shots from Rachel Telles Photography!


  1. What a fun night!!! Thanks Amy (the short haired one :) ) for organizing it all!

  2. I would have loved to be there for that!