Friday, October 12, 2012

Fire! Fire! said Mrs. ...Nichols

For those who didn't get the title reference, every time many children's librarians hear the words, "Fire! Fire!", their brains automatically supply...
Fire! Fire! Said Mrs. McGuire
"...said Mrs. McGuire!"
For th annual Fire safety Week at C.'s school, it was Mrs. Nichols who called the fire in - to the alarm company, at any rate. It's usually a good idea to let them know when you are pulling an alarm, but not, actually, on fire.
The kids were all working quietly in their classrooms - Hi, C.!

While the Assistant Fire Chief was setting off smoke bombs outside.

Hi, Daddy!

Erm...make a note, we need more smoke bombs. Anybody have a match?

The alarm went off, and everyone filed out exactly as they had been taught. Good job, guys!

The fire trucks could immediately be heard coming around the corner (one might almost think they had been waiting there).

The firemen jumped out and began suiting up.

Then, Mrs. Bills shared the distressing news: a child was still missing!

The other students were dismayed.

Or not.

The firemen, however, grabbed a hose and started inside.

A few anxious moments...

And they found him!

Oh, dear, he's going to need some medical attention. I know his flair for the dramatic will come as a complete surprise to his mother.

Into the ambulance.

And, after a short trip, back to the school, bandaged up and smiling!

With E. safe and sound, everyone filed into the cafeteria for Fireman Tommy's annual safety talk.

Little siblings got to come, too.

Fireman david demonstrates how to move through a smoke-filled room,

and how firemen conduct an initial sweep. A fireman in full gear, coming through the smoke, can look and sound kind of scary, but he's just a regular person in a special suit:
See! Not scary.

We also had Fireman Emmett, our Safety Officer (notice the different color helmet)

And Fireman Chad, who is also our EMT. Fireman Tommy, right, was doing this when Fireman Chad was in school!


The firemen demonstrated what to do if your clothes catch on fire.

Stop, drop, and roll!

E. and B. got to try it out, too.

Good job, guys! Then it was back outside, so all the kids could try their hands at being firefighters. In addition to siblings, we had some local home schoolers join the crowd. That came in handy. Usually, it's the newest firefighter who has to sit behind the burning building and prop the flames back up after each try. This time, A. was suited up and put in position.

Dry for the moment...

...but not for long!


...hey! Not the camera!!!

"Oh, sorry, accidentally put the hose on the wrong setting."
Sure, Tommy, I believe that...

Much better!

Such concentration!

Don't forget the Captain's helmet!


There's C.!

Tongue out for concentration.

This is fun!

No, not for you, Tank.

But, I want to play, too!

Take that, flames!

I'm just enjoying squirting A.

Don't mess with a mountain girl!

Um...a little help, here?
Nope, sorry.

Not quite so dry any more! The kids stopped laughing when he was given a ride home in the fire truck, so he wouldn't get Mom's car all wet. poor home schoolers, they never get to do anything fun.
Hope you all had fun, kids! See you again next year!

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