Saturday, September 29, 2012

A New Author

S. has written her first book, (dictated to Grandma).
The Reader's Digest version:

"He's happy."
"She's happy on her motorcycle, I don't know why."
"They are happy, too!"

"He's sad because he has a booboo."

"The bunny is happy because she has a pink dress on."
At this point in reading, I was happy to see that she not only recognizes other people/animal/radishes' feelings, but can attribute reasons to those feelings.

"Kitties don't talk."
And at this point, I snorted. I can just see the exasperated look she must have given Grandma when asked, "And what is the kitty saying?"

"Apples don't talk. Apples are for eating." Unlike radishes. Grandma is woefully undereducated, but S. is patiently setting her straight.

"Dogs can't talk. Ladies can talk."
"That guy is feeding the lady some food."
Okay, I think Grandma gets it, now.

"That girl is licking ice cream. Ice cream is good. I want some ice cream."
A rather big hint, but Grandma didn't catch it. Further education obviously needed: stay tuned for the sequel!

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