Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Young Jedi Turns Six

C. turns six next week, and we had his party this weekend. He has been planning it for approximately 364 days, and while I have tried over the past year to steer it towards something various other themes, it became quite clear, quite early on, that this would be a Star Wars party. If you don't see any problem with that, you obviously do not have a child who is OBSESSED with said movie franchise. I mean, there was the near-incident at Halloween:

and the gift that brought Christmas to a screeching halt:

A book of ALL SIX Star Wars movies. He pretty much didn't want to open anything else after that. Until Grandma came over and gave him the first three movies. Um - thanks, Grandma.

Every stick, ruler, or other remotely oblong-shaped object immediately becomes a light saber. Little sister has been likewise infected:

Even L. has caught the light saber bug.

So, okay, Star Wars it is. At least it's easy to find related items...well, anywhere! And as a happy coincidence, C's birthday falls very close to National Star Wars Day, May 4 (May the Fourth Be With You - get it? Har.)

As any good Cakewrecks fan knows, the cake is the centerpiece of the theme. A fellow Mommy I ran into at Walmart (isn't that where all Mommies meet up?) suggested an R2D2 cake. That sounded simple enough three weeks ago, but as it got closer to the date, and as I started looking at all the lines and doohickies I would have to draw, I got less optimistic about the final outcome. Then I thought, hey, know what's WAY COOLER than R2D2? A light saber!

Okay, so it will never make a Sunday Sweets, but C. was happy with it.

Of course, we had to have utensils to eat it with:

And some 'real' food:

(Vader Tots not pictured, but I'll bet you can figure out what they looked like)

And then some other desserts:

You can find a million recipes for this by googling "birthday cake popcorn", but one word of warning: a couple of them suggest salting the popcorn first. This wasn't common, but when I saw it I thought, "hey, salty and sweet, I like kettle corn, I'll do that." Don't. Just don't. That was the foulest thing I have ever tasted - and I have eaten bugs! Just trust me on this one. I had to throw the entire first batch in the trash. The second was excellent, though:) The only thing I would do differently is have it scooped into individual cups for people to pick up, this was a little difficult to scoop out.

You can get these cute printables at Sandy Toes and Popsicles, a blog I need to add to my following list. We also had Yoda Soda - lemon-lime soda with green sherbet.

I used to plan activities for parties, but soon discovered the kids just want to run around and play. For today I just filled a trash can with water and squirt guns, and stationed it by the back door, then shooed them all out when they were finished eating. It didn't take long for them to coax big sister M. into joining the fun. She came out armed with an old dish soap bottle, which squirts much more water:

which doesn't help a whole lot when it's everyone vs. you!

S. picked up on how to operate the guns pretty quickly - and smuggled one inside to get all the grown-ups! And yes, that is a Halloween witch costume. I guess they can't say they weren't warned.

Smart kid, grabbing the high ground.

Puppy break!

The littlest ones stayed inside - this time, anyway. Baby A. here is one of L.'s special friends.

Couldn't you just gobble her up?

She feels the same way about L.

Then, presents!

Little bit of a Star Wars theme here, too.

I almost forgot we had hidden Star Wars Easter eggs (love after-holiday sales!), but M. reminded me, and everyone had fun hunting. This led to the 'discovery' of C's hide-out, and playing outside until we were dried off enough for our Moms to let us back in the car.

D. was the only non-family girl, but quite capable of holding her own!

Some other friends came by later, so C. got extra playtime while S. and L. crashed. Then we had another birthday party to go to in the evening, so it was a pretty entertaining day for everyone - and pretty tiring! Now it's time to rest. Or, work on the next party. Hmm...did I hear something about someone turning half a century soon?

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