Thursday, May 24, 2012

Play-Doh Personalities

We had fun playing with some of Daddy's birthday gifts the other night. I wonder, what does each creation say about the creator?

Daddy's basket. Useful, well-constructed, no-nonsense.

Mommy's spider. Visions of injecting people with venom, wrapping them in sticky webs, and hanging them from the ceiling, a la Lord of the Rings.

It was a long day.

C.'s spider - just like Mommy's, only squished. Flat.

Maybe he had a long day, too.

C.'s...scene of mass carnage. I know she said one piece was a head. I didn't ask further.

M.'s zombies. She'll be a senior soon. Future of our country.

I don't understand WHY they wouldn't give me any!

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