Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Stuff!

A few weeks ago, two ladies from the Early Childhood Directors Association of Southern New Mexico approached me. Their group is disbanding, and they had some money left in their treasury. Could they spend it on the Children's Room?

Of course, that took about thirty seconds to answer, and then another hour to sort through some of the educational toys I have been drooling over online. I sent them my wish list...and they ordered all of it! Things started arriving Saturday, starting with the play table...

...then some puzzles...

...then, Monday night, the sand table.

As you can see, they have been very well received! Normally when I announce it's time for story time, the kids drop whatever they are doing to head into the multipurpose room. Yesterday, their parents had to coax them away from the toys, with promises they could come back out and play again after stories. It helped that we were doing marble painting - the lure of potential mess perked them right up.

But they still held the parents to their promises.

Thank-you so much to the ladies for thinking of us! If you are local, stop by and check everything out.

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  1. That's fabulous! I wish I could play with the sand table... :)