Friday, February 17, 2012

A Day at Home with S. - in sound bites

Running from window to window, screaming, "It just snowed everywhere! It just snowed everywhere!"
For five solid minutes.
Wearing a diaper and white dress shoes with bows.

Poking the baby in the eye - "L. is sleeping!"

S - (From inside a cabinet) "Can you see me? I'm in the refrigerator!"
Mommy - "Oh, no! Aren't you cold?"
S - "No, I'm not cold."
Mommy - "But you don't have any clothes on, and it's cold in the refrigerator!"
S - "Oh." Gets out of the cabinet, leaves the room, comes back in diaper and coat. Climbs back into cabinet.
"Can you see me? I'm in the refrigerator!"

From my bedroom - from my bed, to be specific - "Mommy, I got the powder for you!" Yep, pretty much what you are picturing right now.

Mommy to S. "You are such a turd."
S. "No!"
Mommy - "Yes, you are a turd."
S. (accusatory) to Daddy - "She said it again!"
How dare I talk back to her!

And, I had to come back to add:
Mommy: "S., would you throw this away for me, please?"
S. - casts about wildly, spots the balloon string and grabs it, "No, I holding this with both hands."

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