Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Library Recarpeting Part 3: or, the Demise of the Desk

When I last posted, I was suggesting a match and lighter fluid to help get the children's room desk out of the way. I continued to be unsuccessful in convincing anyone that was the way to go, although I think the custodian came close once he actually started to move it.

At first glance, it doesn't look too awful.

Of course, it's cramped, the half-walls block visibility, it's not very customer-friendly, and there is a safety/convenience issue in that, when two people are sitting at it, the inside person has to squeeze past the outside person to get out.

Then you start noticing things that don't quite line up - like the cork tiles glued on to cover bare plywood.

The water stains on the non-laminate top.

 The heavy use of glue...

...and wood putty...

to cobble unrelated furniture units together.

And then you try to take it apart - because it can't be moved in one piece. You have to peel back the lovely 1960's covering to find screws in random places,


then crawl underneath and look for more there.

Some parts just have to be pounded loose - those that are glued, tacked, or puttied together.

Should I be concerned that the hammer is next to the computers?

In trying not to chip things, you start noticing chips that are already there.

I didn't do that! At least, I don't think I did.

Hey, it's in two pieces!

Now, three! So much for the cork, but it was covering screws and a seam.

It took three people and 8 slides to move the first part out, but this smaller piece should be easy, right? We just have to get these cables pulled through the hole.


Someone from Facilities Maintenance came by and disconnected everything so we could finish moving this piece. While he was on the last wire, all the power in this part of the city went out. I'm SURE it was just a coincidence!

Once it was moved, I collected several pieces of detritus:

I don't know how old this is exactly, but old enough that this young lady - one of my Facebook friends - is now going by a different last name!

When it was all said and done, someone commented that it looked like someone's husband had cobbled it together in the garage. Not my husband, thank you very much, he does nice work! But, I knew what she meant. We have an estimate for a new desk from an area woodworker who has done other work for us, just looking for funding. In the meantime, my desk area looks like this:

And, in a very few days, will be a table in the hallway across from the vending machines. Could actual carpeting be on its way? Stay tuned!

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