Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Viking Adventure by Logan

         This might sound crazy, but I stole an elevator and just ripped it off the wires. I brought it home.

        It all started when I read the book Lift. I decided to look in the trash can for some buttons but I just found trash. So I decided to take one of the elevator buttons but I could not get it off So that's why I took the whole elevator. 

There were twenty buttons so last night I pressed one of them. That's when the elevator went crazy, it spun in circles and when the door opened I was in the middle of a Viking village. 

Two Vikings looked at me and said “Catch him!” 

I ran and the two Vikings followed a turn around a corner and dived in a boat. The boat started to sail off so I went over to some barrels and hid. 

I fell asleep and I woke up to shouting. 

I looked around and Vikings were running around a small island chasing people with gold and jewels. I got up and hopped onto land. Then a Viking spotted me and started chasing me. I ran up some stairs and saw a rack of weapons. I quickly grabbed two daggers and a small ax and ran into a room. 

The Viking walked in. Before he saw me I ran out of the room, closed the door and locked it. Then I made sure I had the weapons and ran. There were Vikings stealing and killing people. Then I saw the elevator. The two Vikings from before were looking at it. They were going to steal it.

I ran towards it and pressed a button. They came racing at me. I stabbed one with the dagger and the other one was not close enough to get to me. The door closed and I dropped the weapons as the door opened. I was back in my room. I left my weapons there for the next time I went somewhere and went to sleep. 

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