Monday, May 20, 2019

Review: Wild Art Projects Series by Emily Kington

I received review copies of two titles in this series:


Books about recycled art can be difficult, because they often either a) use specific items not everyone has on hand, or b) call for collecting things that aren't actually trash - stop stealing paint chips from Home Depot, people! That's not actually recycling! This title, fortunately. relies heavily on common trash items, such as cardboard and tin cans, and minimal 'new' items. 


I tend to think of these as more cute than scary, but fun for Halloween nevertheless.

Both titles use a LOT of papier mache. Fine motor skills and time needed will make them more appropriate to upper elementary or middle school children - none of these projects could be completed in a short class or story time, but would appeal to a young crafter who needs some fresh ideas to kick-start their creativity. Both begin with (nearly identical) tips for set-up and for keeping clean-up easy, a materials list, and papier mache recipe with basic instructions.

I'm not sure the 7 or so projects in each quite justify the $28 price tag for a library, but if a paperback version comes out it would definitely be worth ordering.

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