Thursday, April 4, 2019

Book Review: Ten Rules of the Birthday Wish by Beth Ferry and Tom Lichtenheld


The most important rule is #1: It must be your birthday. 

After that's been established, a crew of hilarious animals help picture book pros Tom Lichtenheld and Beth Ferry take readers through a joyous romp that covers the most important elements of every year's most essential holiday, including singing; closing your eyes and making a wish; blowing out candles on a cake, then settling into bed and dreaming of your wish coming true.

Between the text and the illustrations, this is a non-stop giggle from beginning to end. Even the title page has an enormous purple elephant inflating balloons for exuberant (some now airborne) bunnies, with the note "inflation by pachyderm is optional." (Note to the duck, though - I don't know that I would stand in that spot, looking up, for very long.)

Grandparents and beloved Aunties everywhere, take note: This is THE book to send to a child for his or her birthday. Perhaps packaged with party hats and some funky candles. And balloons! Unless, of course, your child is a rhinoceros, swordfish, or sea urchin. (See Rule #2). It will not be lost on young readers that each of these "rules" comes with possible exceptions or allowances, making them all the more humorous and relatable.

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