Thursday, July 14, 2016

Happy Birthday Logan!

My goofy boy.

My messy boy.

My smart boy.

Most of all, my sweet boy.

He is the one patient and quiet enough to get close to wild animals - I once saw him spend half an hour out in the snow, creeping along an inch at a time, until he was able to reach one frozen, red little hand out and pet a snowbird!

He is also the one who notices things. When everyone else looks at a playground and heads for the climbing wall, he finds the teeny bug or the pretty flower.

I see him being a fantastic teacher or hospice nurse some day. He will be the teacher/caretaker who notices when something is wrong, or who makes mental notes of what makes someone happy. His natural good cheer will bring sunshine to a classroom or a sick room. He will be the teacher kids hope they get, or the nurse who lets families know their loved one is in good hands.

But for just now...he is FIVE! Happy big birthday, medium boy!

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