Saturday, June 18, 2016

Dadcademy Awards

We have held several Father Daughter tea parties in the past, and while they take a lot of time to prepare for, they are one of my favorite events. I didn't like leaving the boys out, though, so this year we changed the theme slightly and made sure everyone could come! As always, we encouraged kids to bring their special grown-up guy - Dad, Grandpa, Big Brother, Friend, Uncle; whoever they wanted to celebrate!

To set the stage, I got this background online...then discovered when I went to put it up that it wasn't high enough. I had to compensate with black material at the bottom.

Red carpet, of course, sample award at the podium, microphone and speakers.

For the table settings, I raided the dollar store just before graduation - plenty of black and gold!

We had two crafts: an Oscar award with metallic pens, so you could write what your Big Guy was best at, and these cute boxes. Kids were to decorate them to look like their Daddy, then use them at home to leave him notes or pictures.


Finger food type snacks - fancy cookies, fruit, and cupcakes that looked a lot prettier on the box...lesson learned! Red punch or apple juice (looks like champagne!) to drink.

And shiny star dealies hanging from the ceiling.

I chose This is the Van That Dad Cleaned as our one read-aloud, then everyone unrolled the scrolls at their tables to find a list of how-well-do-you-know-me questions. What is Dad's favorite food? What is Kid's favorite outfit? It was fun listening to some of the answers!

I'm just here for the sugar.
 Then on to the crafts.

Artist concentrates while subject poses.

It looks just like him!

And, finally, the awards! This young lady couldn't wait to be first, she was so excited to tell us about her Dad!

Unfortunately, my batteries were running down, and it looks like the picture of them together didn't get saved :(

Next year: a platform - or a whole flight of stairs - behind the podium!

 Some of the kids were happy to speak into the microphone, while others just went with pictures.

Some did not want to give the microphone up!

I am pretty bummed, because several other pictures didn't save, and many of these are blurry. Another note to self - start every program with fresh batteries!! In general I think everyone had fun - I am just sad that I don't have pictures to send to everyone who came.

Here's to the dads and dad-type figures everywhere! Wishing you many other photo-worthy moments this weekend, and plenty of special memories!

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