Friday, April 8, 2016

Review: And Then Another Sheep Turned Up, by Laura Gehl

And Then Another Sheep Turned Up

Mama set another place.
Papa found an extra seat.
Hannah squeezed to make more space,
Thrilled to have a guest to greet.

Uh-oh! As the sheep family Passover seder begins, more and more guests show up!

For those not familiar with Jewish customs, guests are always welcomed at the Passover seder, even when unexpected - but, goodness, this table is getting crowded! In between each arrival, the rituals and foods of seder are mentioned - but never really explained, so it might help to have a guide or glossary on hand. 

This would be a great introductory book to read to children who have been invited to share their first seder, as long as more explanation is given along the way. Of course it is also just a fun book for the child who is familiar with Passover - and all children can identify with the little ones falling asleep before the grown-ups finish celebrating!

The cadence and refrain would make this a good choice for an interactive read-aloud, and the different characters showing up would lend well to a flannel board. A solid choice for any library or classroom wanting to add titles in this subject area.

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