Monday, September 28, 2015

Review: From Strawberry to Jam by Lisa Owings

From Strawberry to Jam

This title is part of the popular Start to Finish series from Lerner. There are at least 30 titles in the series right now, all around a second grade reading level. All have bright, glossy photographs paired with short paragraphs of text, explaining the basic steps in production for that particular item.

Basic is an operative word, here - these aren't something you could use to, say, make and can your own jam, or produce your own table salt from ocean water. I have made a can or two of jam in my time...

and saw a couple minor errors in photographs. The point of the series, however, is to give kids an overview of how some of the things they may buy in stores come to be, while working on reading skills - sequencing and vocabulary are strong in this series, and a smart teacher will jump on the chance to have kids write their own how-to books. 

As usual with Lerner, the binding is excellent, and the 'extras' - glossary, index, resources for additional information - are well done and appropriate for the level. Overall, I highly recommend the series for school or public libraries.

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