Friday, July 17, 2015

Medium Guy is Four!

Logan turned FOUR on Tuesday. He will start Kindergarten in 395 days. He is getting to be so big - but, still my mud and bug guy, so while we did cake and presents at the house Saturday, his 'party' was a trip back to the waterfall we discovered on our Mommy-Logan Day last year. This time, siblings and Grandma got to come along!

When we got to the bottom of the trail head, Sheridan said she could hear the water already. I told her it was probably the wind, because the water wasn't that loud. Well, Mommy was wrong, because we've had a lot more rain recently! The kids immediately found things to climb,

and Christopher (Mr. I'm-Too-Cool) declared "This is more awesome than I thought it would be!"

As soon as they saw this rock to the side of the waterfall, the big kids wanted to climb it. I glanced at the slope and told them to go ahead, while I set down our snacks and such.

 Up they go...

...and, they're out of sight.

Shane and I followed slowly, stopping to take pictures of the waterfall. 

I'm not usually one for scenery pictures, but I kept thinking about what a great place this would be for family pictures - or even a wedding shoot! 

There are the kids at the top...

 ...and there's Christopher again at the bottom. How did he get down there?

You went down THAT WAY?? Oh, holy cow...there go the grey hairs...

Fortunately, Shane was content with jumping back and forth over a tree root. For now.

More pretty scenery!

So many places to frame a family or a couple!

Or a mountain goat.

Logan wasted no time getting wet and muddy.

Then they all decided to climb UP the waterfall.

More grey hairs!

Logan made me hold my breath a few times, but he figured out the best way up with no help. He is four now, after all!

Shane was disappointed that nobody fell in. So he kept trying to shove Grandma in.

Then he would peer around her shoulder and say, "Helloooooo!"

There were flowers everywhere, including a couple creative ones trying to take over the picnic spot.

Evidence that this spot isn't used very often!

We were starving by 10:00, so we started grazing. Fruits, cheeses, and bread. The juice boxes were gross, but the kids didn't seem to care. 

They were very good about keeping the trash collected in our bag - except for bread chunks and veggie pieces, which some little critters are probably enjoying right now!

More exploring...

...and more picture perfect spots!

Something about this is not quite right...

We also talked about not taking anything out, but I decided this was okay! I don't know how he always finds these.

He kept losing it, so I finally convinced him to let me put it in my pocket. When he wasn't looking, I found another one and slipped it into the same pocket. Wide eyes when we got back to the car and I pulled them both out! Mommy is still magic sometimes!

 This looked like such a great spot for pictures, I decided to take one with all the kids sitting here.

You know, one with all four facing me,

eyes open,

smiling normally.



Never mind.

But Grandma got a great video of the attempt!

Ten seconds later, I realized I had lost Christopher and Sheridan.

Did I mention mountain goats?

Once the rest of us had picked our way up (Grandma and Shane were smart enough to go around and find an easier route), we found several smaller things to take pictures of.

Somebody is getting tired!

And lots of things to find books about later!

Back down again (the easy way!) for a little more splashing

 and posing!

And a little bit of...

butterfly catching (and releasing, of course).

By this time the flies were really starting to bite, so we headed back up to the car and changed clothes right there - the perks of very little traffic - then headed back to Cloudcroft for cold drinks and desserts at The Front Porch Bistro. Where Shane eyed a table full of cousins, all girls but for one boy, until the boy got up to go to the bathroom. Then he got up and took the boy's seat, grinning madly at the ladies. So much for being tired!

All in all a great day, though. Happy 4th, Medium Guy!

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