Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mommy-Logan Day

I have the week off work, and after a busy summer of me playing with everyone else's kids, I figured mine each deserved a day to themselves. Sheridan had a manicure and thrift shops, and Christopher did some school shopping and ate iHop out of pancakes, then helped me do some home repairs. 

Logan is my mud and bug boy, so we packed a picnic lunch and headed up into the mountains, past where we camped earlier. Rumor had it there was a stream at this turn-off:

Yes, Bug Scuffle is a real place, and it's quite pretty - but, the only water we found was this:

By the time we got there, though, we were happy to just get out and have our picnic. Mommy was so busy listening to Mr. Chatterbox that she missed a turn, and didn't realize it until she was halfway to Weed (yes, also a real place). We turned around, then Logan got car sick. Good thing we brought extra clothes for playing in the mud - and had sister's car seat to move to!

A little fresh air did wonders, and you can't beat the view.

If you can ignore the power lines, that is.
 For any of the other kids, I would have packed sandwiches, but Logan takes everything apart. For him, I had a million little snacks - his favorites were the raisins and these dried pineapple strips.

We alternated eating and exploring. Somebody lost a car!

Those big boulders turned out to have crystals in them.

This tree looks like it is growing upside down:

See - the top looks like roots!

Back to the boulders - what made these finger-sized holes?

 Logan was very interested in the flowers, so we took pictures of some to identify later:

I had to sneak up to get a shot of the hummingbird moths, they are pretty quick!

That was fun, but we really wanted to play in the water, so we kept heading up the highway. 

Well, this looks promising!

I see water...

More water...

 And, it really was perfect. Just a short hike from the road, but you couldn't see or hear traffic at all. 

I had brought a few buckets and things from home, and we just hung out and played for over an hour. No fish, but lots of little wiggly creatures:

I kept an eye on the sky, and just about the time we were ready to be done, it started thundering.

We outran the rain by the time we got back to where we had camped - you can't even tell this place was full of campers and tents a few days ago!

Ran into lots of neighbors enjoying the sun.

Then stopped at the Front Porch for a cinnamon roll about the size of Logan's head.

He did his best, but ended up taking half of it home.

I thought he would crash, with all the activity and no nap, but he was still pinging at bedtime! 
Thanks for an awesome day, Medium Guy!

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