Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thank-you, Team Kids!

A few years ago, all the trees on the library lawn looked like this:

Lots of shade to play under, sit and read under, have lunch under, enjoy programs under, etc. Lately, unfortunately, due to age and lack of water, they have started to look like this:

Not quite so shady. When they start looking like this, they begin dropping limbs - also not so good to be sitting under. Or parking your car under. So, one by one, they have had to be taken out.

But, wait!

What's that at the bottom?

A pretty little willow tree! Planted yesterday evening, in the sweltering heat, by Team Kids from the Holloman Big Give! They planted four trees in all, 

added two pretty flowering bushes,
and put a new border around what will be a flower garden this fall.

Did I mention they did this in the heat? With absolutely no help from me whatsoever? And that they provided all the materials? Did I remember to say thank-you?


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