Friday, September 9, 2011


Okay, we have all had bad experiences at Walmart, and you can find a million posts on the internet about issues with the corporation - but you gotta love the associates. 99% are polite and helpful (and it's not their fault if there aren't enough of them scheduled that we can actually find them when we need them). They remember my kids and ask about them if I dare to go in alone. I've even had some help me when they were supposed to be on break.

Today I went in with a PO to get some craft supplies for the Library. Things like craft materials and prizes have to be paid for with donated funds, not city tax money, because they are given away. That makes me even more of a cheapskate than I normally am, because I'm the one who has to go begging for those donations all year.

As I scooped up some glue and washable (always washable!) markers, I noticed three associates stocking the shelves with clearance school supplies. The pocket folders we use for SRP - 2 cents each! Score! Red and blue plastic pencil boxes, which little kids especially seem to love, 5 cents each. Double score! Don't run out to get yours, though - I immediately bought them all. As I was filling my cart, someone asked if I was opening a school, and I explained about summer reading, blah, blah. One of the associates walked away.

And came back with $50 cash. Her own money. She gave it to me, over my protests, and told me to buy more prizes for the kids with it.

Now, how many Walmart associates do you know who make enough to give away $50 on a regular basis? I'm going to say none. You can bet I let a manager know - and everyone else I have seen since then! Her $50 paid for the boxes, folders, markers and glue. I am tossing around different ideas for the 200 or so pencil boxes - they may just go into the prize bin, but I have some other ideas too. Now I just have to figure out where to store them all...

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