Friday, March 11, 2011


C. has been way into volcanoes lately, and Mom had a rare day off with no appointments. We started off the day by building a volcano outside. By "we" I mean Mom dug up some dirt, C. gave it a couple stirs, and then Mom built the volcano because when she told C. to go ahead and stick his hands in the mud, he looked at her like she was insane.

He did consent to poking a few pine cones and rocks in the finished product.
S. was a big help in picking out rocks and sticks, but NOT happy that she wasn't allowed to sample the finished product - which probably reminded her of her birthday cake!

Now we just need to let it dry a bit, and when Daddy and M. get home we'll have our big explosion. In the meantime, we decided S. had the right idea, and we needed an edible volcano, too.
Duncan Hines makes lava - who knew?
Thanks for the eggs, ladies!
While the volcano was baking and S. took a VERY short nap, we got to work on Mom's $5 splurge from yesterday.
I told him they would need to dry for a few hours before we could paint them. He said, "I'll wait," and refused to budge. Fortunately, Moms know what smell drives men wild:
Who needs expensive perfume?
While that cools, we'll take a lunch break.

I don't know why Mom makes me eat naked.
And a bath. Second one of the day.
Time to frost and decorate!
Did we mention Cake Wrecks is one of our favorite sites? (Scroll down to the last cake. There, now doesn't ours look much better?)
Stay tuned for the explosion later tonight! S. is now down for a nap, so we are going to go paint our race cars while we have the chance.

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  1. I say, why bother with clothes at home until they're able to dress themselves? Everything will just get dirty anyway! Xander spends most of his day in his Cars undies, and Sophie undergoes about 50 wardrobe changes between breakfast and dinner time.