Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Just a Bunch of Sickos

Which is worse, when everyone (including Mom) is sick at once, or when they all take turns, back to back? Apparently we can't decide, so we do a combination. Everyone gets a variety of ills, overlapping slightly. There is enough variety that we can't even just set up a weekly open spot with the doctor, but also have to run to the dentist, the ear-nose-throat guy, and of course, the pharmacy.

S. is finally getting over what seemed to be a six-month cold. Nothing quite as pitiful (or sleepless) as a baby who can't breathe while lying down. Somewhere in there she got an ear infection requiring antibiotics, her second in three months - I foresee tubes in her future. Friday she had her one-year-old shots, which are everyone's least favorite. She, true to form, was hyper and goofy rather than sleepy, until finally crashing later that night. I think it took Daddy a bit longer to recover from the trauma:)

C. saw the ENT a few weeks ago to try to decipher why he has become King of the Nose Bleeds. We were given nose drops, which he hates, so he countered by picking up S's cold (meaning nose drops aren't happening), upping the ante with some serious chest congestion. His turn on antibiotics. That also got him out of his already overdue dental appointment, now rescheduled for next month. Don't tell him, but he is also overdue for s-h-o-t-s.

Mom had her turn at the dentist, with an appointment set for next week to replace a loose filling. Loose became missing this morning, with a possible infection setting in - really not good when you are pregnant. Back to the pharmacy again, antibiotics for Mom, in addition to the lovely little white pills that enable her to actually eat while pregnant. Of course, she can now only use one side of her mouth, but it's something.
Now Daddy seems to have picked up the cold (but will have to be at death's door before he'll see a doctor), and has given up sleep for the New Year. M. has stayed relatively healthy...knock wood! I guess even germs shy away from rotten teenagers:)

I have to say, I really hate taking anything when I'm pregnant, as thankful as I am for those little white pills. Amoxicillin is not a big deal, and a whole lot better than having an infection in your mouth while pregnant, but I still don't like it. Add in my Junior Motrin when my tooth hurts, and I have lots of Mommy Guilt. One of the best things I ever bought was a device you can use at home to listen to the baby's heartbeat - an instant cure for anxiety! The only problem is finding 15 consecutive seconds of quiet to count the little swoosh-swoosh sounds...

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