Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I feel perfectly safe at home - I have my protectors!

On a serious-er note, this weekend the kids went to an Earth Day fair with Grandma. There was one of those bouncy slides, and C. and S. went up and down it several times - until the time S. went up, and didn't come down. Grandma looked up at the top and saw S. cowering in a ball as other, obnoxious kids, pushed in front of her repeatedly. My heart still hurts just thinking about it. My poor, sweet girl can run rings around other kids intellectually, but she crumbles when someone is mean to her.
Big brother to the rescue, though! He climbed back up, took her by the hand, and slid back down with her. Just, as I told him later, like a superhero. That's what every little girl needs:)