Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Big Guy!

Look out, world! This handsome devil
turns seven years old today!

Some highlights of the last year (courtesy of Facebook status reports and photos):
MAY 2012
Left Kinder and started First grade!

JULY 2012
"When I am big like M., can I take Danica to the movies?"
"I like Danica. She's beautiful. If a bad guy comes and tries to hurt her, I will get my light saber and I will save her."
Christopher has been 'in character' as a visiting fireman for over an hour, now. His name is Mike Jones, and he is visiing from his fire station in Texas. He was asked to stay with us for 100 days because they thought we might have a lot of fires. Something to do with the kids in our house, apparently. There was a fire in the kitchen, and he had to rescue me. Then there was one in the living room. He came into the kitchen, shaking his head wearily, and said, "The fire in the living room is out, now. Do you have a bedroom, because I'm tired."

C. volunteered to run for treasurer at 4H tonight. The leader reminded him, "you have to be good with numbers, are you good at numbers?" C. screwed up his face and asked, "What are numbers?" Maybe next year, honey.
*** his own fashion...

Always ready to be goofy!

Don't even think about it!


C.: "They're singing that song! The one about the deer with the red nose!"
Me: "Uh-huh...and what was his name?"
C: "Ralph!"
You know, Ralph...Rudolph's red-neck cousin.

Christopher: "When I get married, I'm going to live alone."
Sheridan: "In the car?"
Me: "Probably sometimes."


Playing with Christmas gifts:

The costumes, especially, were a big hit:

He has an AWESOME imagination!

MARCH 2013

He is also big and strong - he has spent hours stacking and rolling these so they can play with them:

He is not, however, into coloring:

APRIL 2013

When he plays, though, he does it full tilt:

MAY 2013

Happy Birthday, Big Guy!

People are looking at me! Maybe if I stare at these plastic swords, they will go away.


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