Monday, May 6, 2013

Review: Community Helper series from Millbrook

Nonfiction Monday
Millbrook Press sent us two titles from this series:
Let's Meet a Firefighter     Let's Meet a Veterinarian
ISBN: 976-076-139-0251 and 978-076-139-0305 respectively
In each book of this series, which also includes construction workers, dentists, doctors, librarians, police officers, and teachers, and elementary school class visits/is visited by a person in that particular profession. In story form, with vocabulary sprinkled throughout, we learn about the duties, days, and tools of each one.
I was especially interested in the firefighter book because, in my other life, I are one. I was very pleased to see the firefighter immediately explain to the children that firefighters do more than fight fires - in fact, putting out fires may be the thing they do least often. That is certainly true in our department, where EMS calls and vehicle accidents make up most of our runs. (This may or may not remain true if we don't get some rain soon, but that's for another blog post).
The color and style of the illustrations put me in mind of Fisher Price toys, and as such I think will appeal to children quickly. Side bars give more information, and again, I was impressed with the very accurate details that are often left out of similar books. A page at the end gives simple instructions for making a fire escape plan. Well done!
Let's Meet a Veterinarian was just as fun and thorough. I have one minor quibble with an illustration - where it says a lizard can get a broken nail, the picture seems to show a broken tail. Otherwise, also very nicely done, and I am fascinated at the many ways Cale Atkinson has found to draw a human nose.
All of the books in this series appear to include a multicultural class, with great care taken to avoid gender stereotypes - fortunately, not in an obnoxious way. All include a glossary, index, and list of web sites and recommended books for further exploration. A solid addition to any elementary school classroom or library.

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