Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Inventions I Would Like to See

August is National Inventor's Month, so to give all would-be inventors a heads-up, I am going to list a few inventions I would pay good money for. Some are probably impossible in current technology, but others are fairly simple - I'm just too lazy to go out and patent them myself.
#1 - Diapers with two different-colored, preferably glow-in-the-dark, tabs. Anyone who has ever tried to change a diaper in the dark knows exactly why. The tabs are the same color as the rest of the diaper, and by the time it needs to be changed, they have melded in with the countours of the rest of it. They are most likely wet, too. I could probably get some neon markers and color all our diaper tabs by hand, but I would happily pay a few extra pennies to have that done at the factory.
#2 - An eye-hole punch. Every children's librarian in the country would want one. Masks are a fun and easy craft project, but nobody likes cutting out all those stupid eye holes. They make long-armed staplers that can reach the middle of a page, why not a hole punch, with a one-inch hole? That would make life SOOOOOOOO much easier!
#3 - A portable Bat-signal you could keep in your purse, and set off in a department store when you need help. A beacon would hover over your head until a salesperson came to you to mix your paint, or load that dresser on a cart, or whatever.
#4 - A 'magnet' that could be programmed to pick up a specific item. Imagine if you could wave a wand over a room and pick up only the Legos, or stir through a tub of beads and pick up only the red ones? That would be awesome!
#5 - An app that could accurately locate anything in a given store immediately. Before you say there are stores with such apps already, note that I said ACCURATELY. I don't mean, tell me where the corporate headquarters says the horseradish should be, or where it was last week even, but where it is shelved RIGHT NOW THIS MINUTE. Because I can almost guarantee you those would not be the same answers.
What would you be willing to shell out some bucks for? 


  1. Good new! It appears that a long arm hole punch does exist. Search long reach hole punch on amazon - they make the punch in all different sizes so you can have small eye holes or big eye holes. *Now all you have to do is convince your library to invest in one!*

    I love your diaper tab idea! I think it would be worth contacting a few diaper companies with this suggestion, if you are not worried about making money off the idea. I can see your point, and I don't even have kids!

  2. Oh, awesome! I searched the internet, especially scrapbooking stores, years ago and didn't find anything, but I hadn't looked recently. I even have an Amazon gift card somewhere. Thanks!

  3. Inventions and innovations~my favorite topic. Because of a need one creates...and others buy!

    I love the bat signal. I could see it abused and clerks trying to disable the frequency~kind of like the flight attendants and that one passenger that needs everything!


  4. I invested about $200 in a custom die of a butterfly-shaped mask for our library. Best output of money EVER. I think we cut at least 500 a year, probably more.

  5. I would be willing to pay more money for #4 that would be soo awesome!! I would by 10 of them to have all my stuff picked up in my Room!! What would also be great is a locator to locate where something is I would pay nasty jack for that!! LOL