Tuesday, May 28, 2013

H is for...

Hair! We started the letter "H" on a Holiday, and I knew the kids would need a bath by the end of the day anyway, so we got out the old Halloween Hair spray.

Oh, boy, just look at that expression. This is going to be a fun day.
After a breakfast of Honeycomb cereal, we went to our friends' house (greeting ll our Horse friends along they way). They (the friends, not the horses) raise bees, and just announced their first batch of Honey for the year.
Nom! Mommy wasn't quite prepared enough to have brought home books on honeybees, so she will snag those at the library tomorrow. Mommy also needs to grab some toilet paper tubes to make a Hive. Mommy's brain does not think ahead far enough to cover a three-day weekend.
We did the usuals - add the letter to the coconut tree:
the wall line-up:

the stickers are all of Houses
 and the bottom of the top bunk:

Part of S.'s bedtime routine with Daddy is for him to give her words, and she points to the beginning letter. She is doing a little too well at that. Last night's she told him "cake" starts with "f" - then explained, "because cake is food, and "food" starts with "f"!"  That's my girl, no forced choice questions for us!
 During the next week or so we will be looking at Honey, Hummingbirds, and Horses, but that was enough inside work for one day. I kicked them outside to play, and they made sure I wouldn't have to rinse that hair color out after all, by dumping buckets of muddy water over each others' heads.

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